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My name is Arlette Codfried and  I am the founder of this website. I call myself a totaal artiest which means I do not restrict myself to one art form.
I believe all creativity comes from one source.
Some call it God, my conscience tells me to call it my own mind, so to put it correctly: my creativity is my own mind at work.With this website I intent to showcase my works and thoughts  to be able to inspire others to try and shape their lives.
I have one reason for that, which is very selfish, I wish to live in a peaceful world where we build instead of destroy.
Where I don’t have to fear and can smile and have fun and am equipped to face sadness. So I invite you to visit my website and enjoy reading and looking at pictures or some movies or whatever else I place on it. Many thanks to ShariHosting who built and maintains the site for me.
I hope we can work together successfully from now till eternity. Soso Lobi, Arlette Codfried
Dyompo teki taki a no neks, na a tay hori. Use your whole mind and you will find everything you search for in yourself.

Negroes have proved to be the most ungrateful group of human beings.

How so you might ask. Let me elaborate. If you took the trouble to visit my website you know what my angle is. I will take Suriname as a test case: In Suriname negroes are the only race that is officially divided in bush negroes and creoles, now there is even another category of negroid people: mix. Negroes are the cause and gain the most of human trafficking so called slavery. Africa, the original continent of the negroid population is the least developed and most needy continent of all. I learned that the African continent was exploited by the other races for their riches, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, A shitload of diamonds in Southern Africa. Where did all that money go and still goes if it is evident that the negroes do not use their wealth to sustain their poorer brothers. Why are their more negroes active in criminal activities in U.S.A.? Why do e.g. Chinese do not rob supermarkets and assassine people? Why do other poor people from other ethnicity are grateful for the same opportunities that negroes proof unwilling to take? How come other people rose from their injustices and negroes prove to be unable to see themselves as they really are and try to make a difference. Give us reason to accept you by accepting that usually it is your responsibility as a human being to work on the well being of yourself and others and the world goes by deeds and words to measure the results of your excistance. Did you contribute or sabotage? Negroes seem to forget that we are all creatures of god and have our own mind. So you are a negro? Get a job and stop behaving like the penis of a donkey. God bless each and everyone of us and keep on working on us so we can be worthy of your blessings. Soso lobi.

Request for help!

Request for help!
I have been to Santiago de Cuba in July and encountered Cuban people for the first time. All I knew of Cuba were the few images and news items on television and the picture of Che Guevarra on many youngsters walls. I came to the shocking discovery that the common Cubans lived in very impoverished circumstances. They are very friendly, work hard for a few dollars and are not in a protesting frenzy. I had a very good time there and especially a man named Luis Armando Zamora Garcia proved to be a great help. Not only did he drive us to our venues and made sure we came home savely, he also went out of his way when my mother fell ill. 

He gave me his address and a cd with music of a band he produces and after my return to Suriname we managed to keep contact by phone. Other sources failed and that makes communication difficult but we manage.Lees verder....